Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

UCB Home Loans Corporation Limited (UCB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nationwide Building Society (Nationwide). UCB is a specialist lender of Nationwide, providing Buy to Let and residential mortgages. Nationwide no longer offers new mortgages through UCB.

As a member of Nationwide’s group, UCB relies on its parent, Nationwide, for the infrastructure and resources it needs to carry on its business. This includes providing or acquiring all the goods and services, IT and other technology UCB needs to run its business. It also includes providing UCB staff. UCB does not source the supply of goods and services for itself but relies on Nationwide’s activities for the wider group. UCB’s supply chains are, effectively, Nationwide’s supply chains. UCB is subject to, and benefits from, Nationwide’s group policies on slavery and human trafficking.

UCB relies on the steps of its parent, Nationwide, to take on its behalf and on behalf of all of the Nationwide group in tackling the risk of modern slavery taking place in its business or supply chains. This is reflected in Nationwide’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement which describes those steps in more detail. The Statement is published on Nationwide’s website.

View Nationwide’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement