Make a mortgage payment to us

Paying by Direct Debit

A direct debit can only be set up if it is in the name of at least one of the account holder’s names (we won’t accept third party direct debit such as company/business accounts).

We can either arrange a direct debit over the phone or send you a paper mandate. If you’d like us to send you a mandate form, please contact us.

Unfortunately we’re not able to action mandate forms by email as we can't verify that they have come from you.

Please note we’ll need at least ten working days before your payment is due to set up a new direct debit.

Changing your existing Direct Debit

To change your direct debit, you'll need to contact us with the sort code and account number of the new current account you’d like payment to be taken from. The account must be in the name of a mortgage account holder.

The new direct debit will take ten days to set up. We’re unable to make changes to your direct debit instruction on and during the three days before your collection date.

Pay using our bank details

Please use the account details below when making a payment to us:

  • Full first name
  • Last name
  • Account type (must be a personal account)
  • Sort code: 07-30-15
  • Account Number: 00002112

Please quote your mortgage account number as the reference.

Paying by cheque

Please make cheques payable by including ‘UCB Home Loans’ next to their full name (for example, UCB Home Loans – Alex Williams).

Then write on the back:

  • your mortgage account number

And send them to:

UCB Home Loans
Northampton Administration Centre
Kings Park Road
Moulton Park
Northampton, NN3 6NW

We’ll accept cheques for up to six months from the date of issue.

If you’ve got a cheque issued by us which is older than six months, so long as the cheque is less than six years old you can contact us for a replacement.


Please view our overpayments page.


You should request a redemption statement showing how much is needed to close your account on the date of redemption.

To receive a redemption statement, you can contact us to ask for a statement and we'll provide you with a copy free of charge. If your solicitor requests this statement on your behalf, we'll need your authority to provide them with this information.

If your redemption figure is higher than expected, this may be due to early repayment charges or a product fee that was added to your balance when the mortgage or a product switcher was arranged. Please check your redemption statement and mortgage statements for details of any fees which may have been added to your balance.

To make a payment to us, see the table below for our details

Brand Payee name  Account type  Sort Code Account Number
Business 40-05-15 58696639
BACS This will be your full
first name and surname
Personal 07-30-15 00002112

You’ll also need to quote your mortgage account number as the reference. A redemption administration charge of £65 will be applied and early repayment charges may be applicable.

We’d then recommended you contact us directly to confirm you’d like to close your account with the payment you’ve sent. We’ll provide you with written confirmation within:

  • 15 working days for customer redemptions from the date we receive your funds
  • 10 working days for solicitor redemptions from the date we receive your funds.

How long it takes to process payments

Depending on how you paid, it can sometimes take several days for payments to reach your account. The table below shows the estimated timescales:

Payment method Processing time
CHAPS/Telegraphic Transfer


Payments take 2 working days for us to process them following receipt.
We'll then apply the payment to your account and backdate it to the date we received it.

Credit/debit card
Cheques Date of receipt. We’re unable to hold post-dated cheques.

Please ensure you include your account number as a reference with any payment.

If your payment hasn’t been applied to your account within the timescales specified above, please contact us with the following details:

  • mortgage account number
  • the exact amount paid
  • the payment date

Change a payment date

You can change a payment date. However be aware that on standard mortgage accounts you can’t miss a monthly payment.

If you’re changing your payment date from the last day of the month to the first day of the month, you’ll initially have to make two consecutive payments (one payment on the last day of the month, then another payment the next day as it’s the first day of the next month).